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Mike: Amanda, do you like my new look? I spent all weekend looking for clothes to match my new look and my new attitude. From now on, I'm a rebel without a cause and nobody gets in my way!

Amanda: Hahaha... you look like someone who slaughtered a poor old cow to get that leather jacket. Oh, wait-that's not real leather! Your jeans are ridiculous, too. You must've spent all day and night ripping up a pair of new jeans to get that look. And what's that on your belt? An eagle? But, the most ridiculous part of your entire outfit has to be those sunglasses-they're about ten sizes too big for your head.

Mike: What're you talking about? I look awesome. I look like James Dean. I'm a bad boy now and everyone will know it. Anyway, you're the one who looks bad! What look are you trying to pull off? Computer geek?! Your socks are sticking out because your pants are pulled up way too high, and none of your colors match.

Amanda: Lay off! I just got out of bed and haven't even changed yet.

Mike: Oh, sorry!

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